Albertos, or 'Bertos for short, are the main currency of the FAYZ, created by Albert.


Albert Hillsborough, fourteen-year-old businessman of the FAYZ, came up with the idea of gold bullets that were earned through work as money in Hunger. The plan was put into action when LanaQuinn, Albert, and Cookie went to get the gold, which they found beneath a floor board in Hermit Jim's Shack. The gold was then melted and made into bullets. Albert created this currency when kids weren't motivated to work and decided to create the 'Bertos as a way to incentivize the kids to do so.

Howard was the one who coined the term 'Bertos' while in discussion with Albert at the end of Hunger. Albert didn't want them to be called that at first, preferring 'slugs', but Howard brought it up and the name stuck. Albert had also considered 'units', 'dollars', and 'euros'. 

By the start of Lies, the use of 'Bertos as currency is in full swing and they are used to buy food and other items.

A standard wage in the FAYZ is about eight to ten 'Bertos per week and Albert once said that a meal is equivalent to one 'Berto.

Albert then used Monopoly cards so that he had something that related to coins. One bullet was worth six Monopoly tickets.

Toward the end of the series this currency started to decline and fewer people used and mentioned it.