Ace Hardware is located on First Avenue in Perdido Beach. It shares its roof with Barbara's Day Care,[1] and is across the street from the Town Plaza. To the north, there is the burnt apartment building.[2]

Ace Hardware is commonly used as a resource for the kids on Perdido Beach during the FAYZ. On the first day of the FAYZ, a hose and spray nozzle were used to wet down the side of the building, so that the fire that had recently started in the apartment building next door would not spread.[3] Orc's crew took bats and sledgehammers from Ace to use as weapons.[4] Mary and John Terrafino created a makeshift bassinet out of a long plastic planter.[5] Albert used an acetylene torch to create the currency 'Bertos.[6] The Human Crew used a spit from Ace to cook a deer for food.[7]


  • Ace Hardware is referred to by name only twice, in the second and fourth chapters of Gone.
  • There is a real-life hardware store called Ace Hardware; it is unknown if it is the same hardware store as the one in Gone.


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