The agricultural area is located not far from Perdido Beach, it consists of a series of fields containing vegetables which were planted before the FAYZ.

The fields are first mentioned in Hunger, when Sam, Edilio, and E.Z. travel there looking for food. E.Z. enters the cabbage field to try and pick one, but is devoured by zekes. Throughout the book, the residents of Perdido Beach use various methods to pick cabbages and other types of food from the fields without being attacked. They finally ended up creating a "deal" with the zekes, by feeding them blue bats (that are essentially useless), so that they don't attack the people who try to get the food. The peace agreement is temporarily ended during the events of Fear, resulting in the death of Cigar. He stumbled upon the field accidentally, not being able to see, and he was eaten alive because he had no food to give them.

Another agricultural are is located further north, just after the Nuclear Power Plant, before Stefano Rey National Park.