Referred to by the FAYZ kids as Albert's Cat, a tabby cat gained the ability of teleportation in the FAYZ, and is the only known animal to do so. However, after the FAYZ, several chimpanzees are sent down to where the Gaiaphage is, and one develops the same power. When Albert was in the library in Gone, he saw the cat on the librarian's desk, and it teleported onto his head and attacked him, before teleporting back. It did this twice, and a confused and desperate Albert lifted his book to protect himself. The cat misjudged and, teleporting into the book, fused with it (similar to Darla solidifying halfway through a wall after being tasered), killing it instantly. Albert took it to Astrid Ellison, who presumably examined it.

Not much is known about the cat, but it was an old, yellow, slightly overweight tabby with green eyes and a pink collar, which had a heart-shaped brass tag, so it was presumably a pet before the FAYZ. It was a vicious, confident creature, and its gender was unknown.

Although not mentioned by anyone other than Astrid and Albert in Hunger or Lies, the cat has apparently become famous by Plague.