Alex Mayle is a 20-year-old adult outside the FAYZ barrier. He appears in Light, trying to scale the barrier. Gaia and Diana are passing by inside the barrier, when Gaia decides to force Little Pete to open the barrier for a second in order to let him inside the barrier, so that she could use Alex as a food source since her body is growing at an accelerated rate.


When he first fell into the FAYZ, he seemed very upbeat, very outgoing, and did not expect to get hurt. After Gaia ripped his arm off, he eventually fell into a craze and started to worship Gaia, calling her a "goddess", and this continued until his death was caused by her.


Light trailer - Alex Mayle ladder

He snatched a ladder to get a closer look at the barrier. While he is filming he falls inside the transparent barrier (Gaia forces Little Pete to make the barrier temporarily give way). Gaia tears off Alex's arm and devours it. Gaia then drags Alex around with her and he slowly begins to go crazy. He later finds Drake Merwin's head and retrieves it for Gaia. Gaia then finds she has more use for Drake than Alex and slices off Alex's head and puts Drake's head on top, using her healing powers to make a "transplanted" body for Drake. Gaia then eats part of Alex's head and throws his skull into a ditch. Later, Gaia heals the ripped arm for Drake, recreating his whip arm.