Andrew was a student at Coates Academy left behind with Benno and Frederico. He poofed after being tempted with his mother and died in Fear.


Andrew is dark skinned and tall. Computer Jack describes him as "a boy Jack had known as a fairly nice kid, not even much of a bully before he got his powers". He was the second most powerful mutant at Coates.



After Benno poofed in his sleep, Andrew and Frederico had a battle for power. Andrew won temporarily and stopped feeding the plastered moofs to preserve food. Caine, Diana, Drake, Computer Jack and Panda arrive to film his poof.


It is mentioned briefly after Mary Terrafino and Francis die that the other poofers (minus Anna and Emma) are also dead. Presumably this meant Benno and Andrew.


Andrew had the power to create shockwaves.


  • Andrew's birthday is November 18.


"A lot of damage for a three-bar." – Diana remarking on the state of Coates after the battle between Andrew and Frederico

"You've got your mojo working, Andrew. But you're still just second best!" – Caine

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