Anna is Emma's twin sister who poofed right after her.


When she poofed, she was working for Mary at the daycare, taking the prees (along with Mary and Emma) on a picnic. She was noted to be very good with children.

Sam was there when Anna and Emma poofed. Before she poofed, she held Sam's hand and told him never to let go. Therefore, she was also said to still have romantic feelings for him.

Afterwards in Lies and Fear, it is revealed that she and her sister managed to get outside and were safe and sound with no health issues unlike Mary Terrafino and Francis.


Sam Temple

She and Sam went out on a date one time before the FAYZ, although Sam stated that he never really liked her and only felt obligated to date her because everyone else in school was in a romantic relationship. When Sam finds out it is her birthday, he goes to her and her sister at the moment of their poofs.

Mary Terrafino

She and Emma help Mary take care of the prees up until the two of them poof. They seemed to like each other and be quite close and genuine to each other.


it is unknown why Emma and Anna didn't receive the mutation that Mary, Francis, Benno and Andrew received.