Try some, dude. What are you, three years old?

—Antoine offers Zil a joint

Antoine is a 13-year-old boy introduced in Hunger. He was a core member of the Human Crew until his death at the hands of Sam


Antoine is a fat, tall druggy. He is cowardly, mocking, obnoxious and whining. Zil believes that he was easily replaceable.



Antoine appears with Zil and Hank, invading Duck's pool. Antoine, being unfit, was unable to escape the whirlpool created when Duck tunneled through the ground. He started fearing and hating freaks because of this. He later joins the Human Crew and starts using drugs. When Hank takes it from him, a fight nearly breaks out. He later assists with the attack on Hunter, and the attempted hanging of him.


Antoine goes with Zil, Hank and Lance to Emily and Brother's house where the Human Crew have been hiding out. Zil suspects Antoine of taking the drugs they have been hiding and see's him as a future problem. At the house the Human Crew are recruited by Caine to cause a distraction in town. Antoine is thought to be one of the boy's Hunter Lefkowitz sees in the wood but is not mentioned by name. Antoine is with the Human crew when they go to the gas station and when the fire starts. Antoine throws a bottle into a second story window and is then shot by Sam with beams of Green Light although he survives this. When the Human crew regroups Antoine pleads to Hank and others to take him to Lana Arwen Lazar to heal him. Hank ends up taking him but dumps him on the beach to die.