Town plaza

The burnt apartment building is marked with a B

The accident occurred shortly after the start of the FAYZSam attempts to save a little African-American girl from a fire in an apartment building near the town plaza. He immediately realizes that no one will take action to put out the fire and takes charge. He orders several kids (including Edilio) to put out the fire and others to evacuate the Day care. During the rescue, she is frightened by Sam's appearance and shoots liquid fire from her hands. Sam panics and instinctively fires back with his own deadly light. The girl dies, most likely from smoke inhalation. This is one of the first mentioned uses of power in the series.

This incident is a catalyst for Sam a leadership role in the FAYZ, as kids began to admire him and acknowledge his bravery.


The apartment building is located near the town plaza, a narrow alley away from the Ace Hardware store and the Barbara's Day Care facility, emphasizing the importance of extinguishing the fire.