Bette, often known as Bouncing Bette, was the first child to be murdered in the FAYZ. She is described as having red hair that goes down to her waist.



Bette was in Sam's class. She asks him what to do later on and nominates him for Caine's meeting. After discovering her power, Orc unintentionally causes bleeding in her brain. She dies in Dahra's hospital after Sam helps her.

Her death is what causes Orc to give up bullying and start drinking.


Bette's parents ask where she is on a sign, not knowing she was the third death and the first murder of the FAYZ.

Power and abilitiesEdit

Bette can, much like Sam can with his Sammy Suns, make small balls of light come out of her hands.


  • Bette was the third known death of the FAYZ, after the fire girl and a baby boy.
  • Bette is referred to in Hunger as "Betty".
  • It is unknown where she got her nickname from.
  • Her powers are the first to be openly known about in the series, but are simply referred to as magic tricks to begin with.