The church is a building that appears in several of the books.


The church of Perdido Beach is said to be over 100 years old. It is described as being grander than Perdido Beach deserves, what with it being such a small town. It has soaring arches, and many statues of various saints. There are six windows fitted with stained glass, three still containing the original fittings, with others having been replaced by cheaper versions. The interior contains rows of wooden pews, and a large crucifix stationed behind a marble altar, with velvet carpeted steps leading up to it. The basement under the church is where Dahra tends to the wounded in the first book, before the church is reduced to rubble in The Thanksgiving Battle in Gone. It is also where Caine holds a meeting when he arrives at Perdido Beach, and where Astrid and Little Pete are stationed during the battle in which it is destroyed.