Bradley, better known by the nickname of Cigar, was a fisherman until the events of Fear.


Cigar was a joking, laid-back, sweet faced and reliable fisherman until, after drinking heavily, he accidentally killed a boy named Jaden. Sentenced to Penny for an entire day, Cigar was turned insane and clawed out his own eyes. Lana's attempt to regrow them resulted in Cigar having tiny "BB" eyes, giving him the ability to see people's auras, as well as entities such as Little Pete and the gaiaphage.



Cigar is one of the people taken in by Orsay's prophecies. He is upset when she is unable to find his mother but is comforted by Nerezza.


The fishermen, including Cigar, fish up a shark. However, when they return to Perdido Beach, Dahra warns them that the SDC is spreading, although Cigar is doubtful. He camps out with the others when they are forbidden from landing on the beach.


Cigar has a larger role in Fear. He drinks too much and kills a boy named Jaden after the latter attacks him. Caine, deciding that Quinn and maybe Albert would object if he ordered the execution of Cigar, decides to punish Cigar by allowing Penny to use her power on him for a whole day. Cigar is tricked into clawing out his eyes and ripping the veins out of his hands with his teeth, causing him to go insane. Quinn arrives and wins a fight with Penny, and so is able to take Cigar to the "hospital". Lana tries to regrow his eyes but he ends up with tiny balls hanging from veins. This gives him the ability to see the auras of people, but he is unable to see anything apart from that. He wanders around until he stumbles across Astrid, and she tries to use him to communicate with Little Pete. However, Cigar wanders into a field full of hungry zekes, and they devour him.


  • Cigar gained his nickname when he tried to smoke a cigar and choked on it.
  • The avatars Cigar sees bear great resemblance to the ones in Little Pete's game.
  • The government never found out about Cigar's mutation, as revealed in Monster.