Coates Academy (most commonly referred to as Coates) is a private, elite boarding school, situated close to Perdido Beach. It is where troubled, difficult or unwanted children are sent by their mostly rich parents. This implies that all students at Coates are relatively intelligent. Major characters that went to Coates include Caine, Diana, Drake, Taylor, Jack, Brittney, Brianna, Bug, and Dekka. There is a traditional rivalry between the children at Coates and the children at Perdido Beach school.

The location of Coates is referred to as "up the hill" by the kids of Perdido Beach. The path up the hill to Coates has been described as more of a mountain than a hill. The school's interior is described as being dull and gray. The tiles in the lunch room are arranged to an arrow pointing up.


Before the FAYZ

Because children were sent to Coates due to their problems, many of the children hide the stories behind why they were sent there.

Sam's mother, Connie Temple, was a night-nurse at Coates before the FAYZ.


Coates is used as a base of operations for Caine and his followers. They hold an operation to see what happens when somebody poofs. They held Andrew in place and forced him to use his powers, to see if it would counter poofing. Jack catches it on a recording, giving them an insight of what happens when one poofs.


Caine continues to use Coates. Lots of kids had changed over to Sam's side. Orsay travels there with Drake. Drake uses the headmistress' office as his.


When Caine and the remainder of those loyal to him leave for San Francisco de Sales Island, Coates becomes empty. At some point in the books, Howard begins to use it as a base for his alcohol (and supposedly drug) operations.


Coates remains as a base for Howard and his illegal activities. It is also where Astrid goes to hide Little Pete from the Human Crew, and where Little Pete dies.


Coates becomes deserted once again when Howard is killed by Drake. It is not referred to after this.


Coates is said to not have reopened after the FAYZ because of the bad reputation of many students such as Drake, Caine, Penny and Diana.

Known studentsEdit


Character First appearance Reason
Andrew Gone Unknown.
Brianna Berenson Gone For not doing well in school.
Brittney Donegal Hunger Unknown.
Bug Gone For bugging his school's parent-teacher meeting and posting embarrassing facts about his class on Facebook. Bug was not sent to Coates as a punishment, he was sent for his own safety.
Caine Soren Gone Because his parents wanted him gone.
Dekka Talent Gone For being a lesbian.
Diana Ladris Gone For lying to the police and for another unknown reason.
Drake Merwin Gone For shooting a kid named Holden in the leg with an air rifle.
Frederico Gone Unknown.
Jack Gone For hacking into police files to remove a speeding ticket for a friend's father.
Mallet Gone Unknown.
Penny Lies For putting bleach in her sister's cereal.
Taylor Gone Unknown.
Toto Plague Unknown. Possibly didn't go to Coates.


Character First appearance Basic info
Allison Hunger Allison is a girl that gathers mushrooms and cooks them to eat, before they were stolen by a boy who was poisoned by them.
Barry Lies Barry is a boy that Penny tests her powers on.
Benno Gone Benno was described as a cowardly, brainless thug. He had a power and was one of the worst bullies at Coates, but his birth certificate was off by weeks and so he poofed in his sleep.
Brooke Gone Brooke is a girl that finds a dead baby with Sam and Quinn.
Chaz Gone Chaz is described as an athletic eight-grader with shoulder-length blond hair and trendy glasses. He is a driver, although a bad one, and appears several times fighting for Caine.
Chris Gone Chris appears briefly in Gone with a games system, which he was "delivering" to Barbara's Day Care with Panda and Quinn.
Chunk Gone Chunk was a very fat, very annoying boy, always talking about the celebrities he'd met because his father was a talent agent. When Caine had returned from seeing the Gaiaphage, he was out of his mind, and threw Chunk through a wall, killing him.
Jasmine Lies Jasmine was a girl that made it onto a boat with Caine, Bug, Diana, Penny, Tyrell and Paint. However, she couldn't cope with starvation and committed suicide by drowning.
Jason Lies Jason is a whiny, pessimistic boy that often gets on Caine's nerves.
Jennifer Boyles Plague Jennifer Boyles is a girl that nearly caught the SDC. She lives with two other Jennifers.
Louise Gone Louise is a reckless driver. She is described as a thirteen-year-old skinny black girl.
Paint Lies Paint was a druggie with ratty, waist-length brown hair that enjoyed huffing paint out of a sock. He presumably starved to death when his boat ran out of gas.
Pampers Lies Pampers is a girl that doesn't trust Bug.
Thuan Vong Gone Thuan Vong was a thin moof that was cemented by Drake. He pledged loyalty to Sam after being freed.
Tyrell Lies Tyrell, erroneously referred to as Tyrrell, was a whiny kid that steered the motorboat Caine was in. He presumably starved to death when the boat ran out of gas.


  • The school's motto is "Ad Augusta, Per Angusta" which means “to high places by narrow roads” in Latin.
  • The headmistress of Coates before the FAYZ was named Grace.