Constance "Connie" Temple is the biological mother of Sam and Caine. She worked as Coates Academy's school nurse before the FAYZ.


Connie has light brown hair, and she is a non-observant Jew that works as the night nurse for Coates Academy. She is shown to be somewhat of an "embarrassing" mother, such as when she constantly asks Sam if he has a girlfriend, but she has also shown to be intelligent. After the FAYZ happens, she starts drinking heavily.


Before the FAYZ

Connie married Taegan Smith, and it is unknown if she knew about his implied criminal past. However, she got bored of him, and as she was young and irresponsible she started seeing an unnamed man behind his back, believing the unnamed man was "sexier". Connie soon became pregnant and was unsure who the father was. When she had twins, she named them Samuel and David after Biblical figures, but soon sensed the connection David had with the Gaiaphage due to it having absorbed Taegan's DNA. This led her to suspect that Samuel was the child of the unnamed man, although he wasn't.

She never told Samuel, who preferred to be known as Sam, about his brother, and started working at Coates Academy, filling in as a nurse. However, she realized Caine was David and so became the night nurse at Coates to try and get more information on him. She also married Tom, but after Tom threatened her, Sam panicked and burned Tom's hand off. They were divorced after Connie covered for Sam, saying that Tom fell against the heater, and moved into a tiny house in a bad neighborhood. Connie also noticed Caine using his power, as well as several others.


Connie appears at the end of the book when Sam Temple and Caine Soren are about to poof. She asks them to leave the FAYZ, but Sam wants to save the kids and Caine hates Connie, so they both refuse. Connie is revealed to be the Gaiaphage and she threatens them both.

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  • Penny's aunt is called Connie.
  • It is only mentioned that her full name is Constance in Gone, when Caine tells Sam what is written on his birth certificate.