Edilio's army was a group of kids trained to handle guns by Edilio. They guarded the Power Plant and other important locations, as well as participating in battles.


Starting in Gone, the good side of the FAYZ started building up an army. The army is made up of a few kids with guns, put through about a day of training. It is run by Edilio and serves the Town Council.

By Lies, the army lives in a seven bedroom house, with Edilio sleeping in one and two soldiers sleeping in each of the others. This shows that there are now twelve kids in the army, although many soldiers constantly leave and join. Edilio gives them extra training, but most kids are still cowards in it for the pay.

Over the course of the books, the army was used in various scenarios to help keep order amongst Perdido Beach and also to guard important locations, including the nuclear power plant.

Known soldiersEdit

Character First appearance Description
Alton Hunger He is a guard in the army, and has a brother named Dalton. The two brothers look alike, and despite not being twins, they look as if they were the same age.
Brittney Donegal Hunger Brittney was a motivated soldier, singlehandedly trying to kill Caine when guarding the nuclear power plant.
Consuela Lies She is part of Edilio's army, one of his good soldiers.
Cookie Gone Cookie appears in Gone and Hunger. He was part of the army.
Dalton Hunger He is a guard in Edilio's army along with his brother, Alton. He hoarded Junior Mints.
Edilio Escobar Gone Edilio is the founder and leader of the army.
Elizabeth Lies She is one of Edilio's few good soldiers.
Heather B. Hunger She is a guard in Edilio's army.
Jonas Lies He was in Edilio's army before cowarding out in Lies and later joining the fishing team.
Josh Hunger Josh is a ten-year-old boy guarding the nuclear power plant using CCTV cameras, although he often falls asleep while doing this. He tries to stop Caine and Drake by shooting at them but due to his bad aim he is overwhelmed and whipped by Drake. He crawls back to town and is cared for by Dahra.
Marty Lies Marty was wounded by Hank when guarding the gas station.
Mickey Finch Hunger Mickey Finch was a guard at the nuclear power plant. He ran when Caine and Drake attacked, but was taken hostage. He and Mike tried to run, and Mike got away, but Mickey was shot in the back by one of Drake's gunmen. He was a one bar moof, but Diana claims he isn't aware of his power.
Mike Farmer Hunger Mike Farmer was a decent guard for the nuclear power plant, but he wasn't up for taking on Caine, Drake and several gunmen so he ran away. He later joined the Human Crew, blaming freaks for Mickey's death, and tried to shoot Duck Zhang before Hank took the gun from him.
Mike J. Hunger Mike J. was a guard at the nuclear power plant.
Quinn Gaither Gone Quinn was a member of the army before leaving to become a fisherman.
Steve Hunger Steve is one of Edilio's top soldiers. He helps find Bug by using spray paint.
Tom O'Dell Gone Tom O'Dell is mentioned by Edilio as having no skills with a gun. He also appears in Hunger after losing control and eating a cat, although he likes cats. This causes the owner of the cat to hit him on the head.