Kid, you look like you can't even feed yourself. Look at you. You look like a scarecrow. Dirty, hair falling out. And lying like a rug. What can you do?

—Emily to Caine

Emily is a character who appears only twice in the Gone series. She is a mutant, and her power is Space Warping.


Emily is a twelve-year-old girl with the powerful ability to warp space, allowing her to teleport numerous things and alter the shape of the land. However, she is inexperienced in fights, although Caine describes her as shrewd and focused. She enjoys making fun of people and seems to be a little sadistic. She can drive a tractor and use a shotgun. Jack describes her as having "an odd combination" of pigtails and a hard face.


Before the FAYZ

Emily was a Christian and lived in a farmhouse, where she was homeschooled.


Emily lives with her brother, who is named Brother, in her farmhouse. She makes her first appearance in Gone, when Computer Jack is trying to get to Sam to tell him how to beat the poof. Emily almost shot him, but was stopped by her brother. She allows Jack to live when he fixes his Wii.


Emily later reappears in Lies, when Caine goes out to her farmhouse as a way to speak to Zil. Zil was going there to collect the weapons he has stored in her farmhouse. The Human Crew store their things there in return for giving Brother DVDs, although they are plotting to kill Emily. Emily mocks Caine, telling him she has to reason to help him, so Caine disarms her when she tries to kill him. They fight, but Caine manages to lift Brother high into the air, and Emily surrenders.

Emily makes no further appearances and Michael Grant is unsure of her fate.[1]


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