Evanston Air National Guard Base is a military base located in the eastern part of the FAYZ.



While searching for Lake Tramonto, Sam, Dekka and Jack discover the National guard base. They go in and find a boy named Toto who has been alone for a very long time, feeding himself on Nutella. They ask him from where does he get it and he shows them a train full of Nutella, Pepsi, Cup-a-noodles, Mac laptops, rotten oranges, and a cartload full of shoulder-fired missiles. While exploring the office of the national guard base, Jack discovers a leaflet which contained several names of people who had or were developing powers. They are Toto the truth-teller, Darla (who can walk through walls, and who was killed before the FAYZ), Sam, Caine and Taylor. Sam is angry that the government knew about the events of Perdido Beach back before the FAYZ and kept it a secret to everyone.


In Fear the guard base is only mentioned when Bonnie and Blake have used old reference books and out-of-date documents as toilet paper for the kids at the lake.