I'm Frederico. Don't burn me up.

Frederico is a Coates mutant allied with Caine. He is never heard of again after Gone.


Frederico is a dark-haired boy wielding a thick wooden club. He has the power of cat-like agility, allowing him to flip, jump great distances and leap off of walls with ease.



Frederico first appears in the gym scene after Quinn betrays Sam. Caine mentions that he helped with plastering the Coates moofs.

After Benno poofs, Frederico and Andrew fight for power and Frederico loses. Caine "deals with" Frederico.

Frederico and Panda create a diversion and Frederico is beaten by Dekka. He frees himself from duct-tape bondage and never appears again after going to battle.


Sam didn't recognize Frederico after the latter was defeated, but he'd seen him multiple times and had even mentioned him by name earlier in the book.

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