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This page is a guide on how to create and layout a character article. Character articles are to be laid out in the following order:

Infobox and categories (Required)

  • The template Infobox character is to be used if there is enough existing information about the character to fill at least some of the infobox.
  • The category Characters is to be added to all character articles.

Quotation (Optional)

Is placed underneath the infobox on pages and uses the Quotation template.

Lead section (Required)

Short summary that usually looks something like this:

"[Name of character] is a character appearing in Lies."

In general, it should contain:

  • Name of the character (and alternative names) in bold.
  • What books the character appears in.

Description (Required)

A description of the way the character looks, and personal traits about the character.

Power and abilities (Optional)

Information about the character's power and abilities, if they have any. This section is not required, and only needs to be added if the character have any special powers or abilities.

Appearances (Required)

What happens to the characters in every book. Divided by headers.

  • Example: ;Gone turns into

when put on a new line.

Relationships (Optional)

What relationships the character have with other prominent character around them. Headings are used in the same way as shown above. This section can be divided into before and after the FAYZ if needed, such as on the Sam Temple article.

Notes (Optional)

Optionally, notes about the character can be added here.

Trivia (Optional)

Optionally, references to real world subjects can be added here.

Quotes (Optional)

Things the character has said. The Quote template is to be used here.

References (Optional)

Only used if references to either the book or external sites have been used on the article. The template {{Reflist}} is to be used here.

Gallery (Optional)

A gallery consisting of images of the character. Only images that have been created by confirmed sources such as book covers and trailers are to be added. No fan art!