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For the novel, see Gone.

Gone is the name of a book trailer by Egmont. It depicts the effects of the FAYZ, with no reception on a TV, flowers wilting due to lack of care, uneaten strawberries rotting, graffiti on a wall saying "The FAYZ sucks", and a metaphor showing two adults disappearing from a picture frame, leaving only their two children in the photo.

Words on the screen tell you to imagine a world where everyone fifteen and over disappears, and where normal has "crashed and burned". Michael Grant has a cameo as a man talking on the TV before it goes to static. The footage of him talking comes from a video Michael Grant made for Egmont.[1] The trailer was released on Egmont's Gone website and on YouTube on January 8, 2008.

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GONE by Michael Grant - Official UK book trailer

GONE by Michael Grant - Official UK book trailer


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