"Hermit" Jim Brown was a gold hermit who lived just outside of Perdido Beach in his shack. He is mentioned occasionally in the series and in Gone.


When Lana's grandfather poofed and his truck crashed, Lana avoids death and journeys to the nearby cabin. Here, she finds written evidence that the shack belonged to a gold-mining hermit named Jim. Bars of gold are later discovered under a trapdoor on the floor and used as gold bullets for Albert's new currency, later named 'Bertos. One of these bars of gold also saves Lana's life when she uses one to bash a coyote's head in.


The date of Jim's death is unknown, but it was sometime shortly before the FAYZ, as his body was found by Lana, but his lawn was still green. He was found at the entrance to the mineshaft, the original home of the Gaiaphage. The first coyote leader reveals that he and his pack killed him.