Hermit Jim's shack is a shack belonging to the gold hermit Jim before he was killed by the coyotes.

Lana found the shack in Gone and used it for water, food and protection from the coyotes. She noted that the lawn was still green and must have been well cared for. In it she found evidence that it belonged to a gold hermit named Jim, along with bars of gold under a trapdoor in the floor. After Lana had been hiding in the shack for a while she went exploring and found Jim's body near the entrance to the mineshaft, before she spent some time with the coyotes.

Later in Gone the house was burnt down by Sam and the coyotes, after Lana tricked the coyotes into allowing her to return. The shack was not then mentioned afterwards until later on in Hunger when Albert sends Lana, Cookie, and Quinn to retrieve the gold to make 'Bertos. In the process of collecting the gold, she travels down into the mineshaft to face the Darkness.

Jack spots the shack in Plague.