The mind-blowing and existential ending will make you rethink: What does it take to be a hero? 

—An excerpt from the Goodreads description

Hero is the upcoming ninth book in the Gone Series and the third and final book in the Monster Trilogy. Plot details are currently unknown, although there will be 2 new characters, one of which will be an antagonist[1] named Bob Markovic.

Michael Grant is about halfway through writing the book and estimates the release date to be in October, 2019[2]. He also believes that this will be the final book in the series[3].

Goodreads DescriptionEdit

Four years after the Perdido Beach dome went down, the alien virus that created it is still wreaking havoc, and virus-infested rock has created a new set of humans with mutant powers.

Rockborn gang members Dekka, Shade, Cruz, Malik, Armo, and Francis are fresh off their defeat of Dillon Poe and in need of answers to some very pressing questions about their own powers: who are the Dark Watchers? And what is this Fourth Dimension that only Francis can access?

But heroes don’t get downtime. When the alien-virus infested rock hits New York, a new foe, Bob Markovic, rises amongst the newly rockborn. Markovic’s arrogance and lack of a moral compass already made him unbearable. With his newfound power to inflict a deadly disease, he could send all of humanity into a living hell. As they try to find their footing on morally gray grounds, the Rockborn Gang will have to make some tough decisions if they want to save the world.

Michael Grant bids farewell to the globally bestselling Gone universe with the finale to the Monster trilogy. Old friends and new foes come together in this battle for humanity. The mind-blowing and existential ending will make you rethink: What does it take to be a hero? 


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