Highway 1 (known as the Highway) is a 4-lane road which runs from one end of the FAYZ to the other. Not much else is known about it. It is also mentioned that the highway was being rebuilt around the FAYZ wall.

The highway has been used occasionally by occupants of the FAYZ. However, mainly owing to its vulnerability, most of the people inside the FAYZ normally choose to not to use it.



Astrid, Sam, Edilio, and Quinn  go through the highway en route to the power plant to look for Little Pete when they are confronted by Howard, Orc, and his crew. Later, Orc and Howard drive along it.


The highway is frequently used here escpecially after Caine takes over the power plant. Lana, Quinn, Cookie and Albert go through the highway in order to get to the desert and Hermit Jim's shack. Brianna and Jack also use it for Brianna to race a bullet at the beginning of the book.


In Fear Sam, Dekka, and Jack are travelling through the highway to the beach to look for the missiles which dropped onto the beach at the end of Plague. 

Outside the barrier on the highway a camp has been set for the families of the people which is guarded 24/7 by the army.


Sam confronts Gaia on the highway.