I'm e), all of the above. I'm multiple choice on a True/False question. You can quote me on that.

—Cruz about her gender.

Hugo Cruz Martinez Rojas, more commonly known as simply Cruz, is a main protagonist in the Monster, Villain, Hero arc. She is transgender, but generally prefers to be referred to as female.


Cruz is a six foot two "straight girl in a guy's body". She is Latina, described as being good-looking with dark hair and dark brown eyes with mascara. She likes to follow the rules, although bends them quite a lot, and prefers being ignored. She's old enough to drive but can't take her test as she's scared of the question "male or female?", has no friends other than Shade despite being trustworthy, is ignored by her parents, stands up to bullies and doesn't approve of Catholicism. She sounds female, although she is in a male body.



Cruz first appears being picked on by bullies about her gender. When they demand to know whether or not she "has a dick", she replies "You seem way too interested in what I have in my pants", causing them to beat her up. Shade Darby takes Cruz to her house and tends to her wounds, and the two become friends. Shade casually mentions that she knows where one of the ASOs, the meteors that created the Gaiaphage, will land, and the government don't because Shade edited their information on her father's computer. Cruz is shocked, but is desperate for a friend, so accompanies Shade. When Shade reveals she can mutate, Cruz attempts to provoke her, but it doesn't work because both she and Shade keep bursting out laughing. Cruz was also jealous of Shade because her ability to morph has come before hers and wonders if hers will come. Shade finally mutates when they are attacked, but Malik Tenerife sees. He talks to Shade and Cruz about what they're doing and tells Cruz that she should stop being involved in Shade's obsession, but Cruz instead eats an ounce of the rock herself and discovers she can turn invisible.

Later, Cruz goes on the run with Shade and Malik when the cops track them down. On the way, Cruz discovers the full extent of her power - she can look like anything she wants, if she knows exactly what it looks like, but her physical form does not change. She is also disturbed by the Dark Watchers. She accompanies Shade as the latter fights Knightmare, and turns up at the final battle, where she distracts Napalm. She helps get Malik to the hospital when he is badly injured and when she discovers he is going to die, she accuses Shade of getting him killed. She is present when Malik consumes some of ASO-3.

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Cruz's power is a cross between the abilities of Penny and Bug. She is a one-ounce morpher, the weakest morpher level. Her power is different, however: she doesn't morph into anything, she just appears to. This allows her to turn invisible or appear to be someone else. She can control the hologram by simply moving.

This likely represents the fact that she is transgender, as Peaks has discovered that the morphs are influenced by the thoughts and personality of the morpher. It is unknown what DNA Cruz's ounce of ASO-3 absorbed, as the only animals she could represent are cuttlefish and chameleons and the DNA of neither were absorbed into the rock.


  • Armo is seen to obey an order from Cruz, presumably erroneously.
  • Shade calls Cruz "girl", although Cruz doesn't see herself as either male or female.
  • Her favorite snack is Wheat Thins.
  • Although Shade thinks Cruz is a boy when they first meet, and Cruz lamenting that she looks too much like a boy, all the other characters immediately see her as female when they first meet.
  • Cruz is currently #8 on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted.


"You either got a dick or you don't got a dick."
"You seem way too interested in what I have in my pants." – Cruz being bullied

"If you're wondering, I have a dick." – Cruz to Shade