Jamal is an African-American normal introduced in Plague. He is Albert's personal bodyguard and he protects Albert just in case he gets into a fight. He is described as one of Orc's few friends, but only visits for a drink, as thought by Orc.



Jamal visits Orc during Plague while Orc is guarding Drake. Jamal laughs at one of Orc's actions and, infuriated, Orc stomps on the floor, causing it to crash open and reveal the basement below (which is the Prison for Drake/Brittney). Jamal survives a hard fall and Drake takes him as hostage and servant to keep Brittney under control. Jamal follows Drake, when he is attacked by Brianna. Jamal leaves Brianna alive, even though Drake told him to shoot her. They set off to the abandoned mineshaft, where Drake digs out stones with the help of Jamal. Discovering the army of giant bugs and realizing he no longer has any need for Jamal, he leaves him to the bugs as food. Jamal's bare bones and clothes are discovered by a horrified Brittney who soon re-emerges.