Jill is a nine-year-old freak that appears in Lies and Plague.


Jill has been shown to be timid and shy, but she has a large understanding of what's going on around her. She does not, however, seem to know what is "right" and what is "wrong".

Power and abilitiesEdit

Jill has the power of Siren Singing, one of the few powers that is not channeled through the hands (in this case, it is channeled through the tongue). She can sing anything and everyone in hearing range will be essentially frozen until she stops singing. They will also be forced to think about whatever she sings about while she sings, and so if she sings about an action (for example, suicide), they will willingly attempt it for a short amount of time after she stops singing.



Jill is discovered by the Human Crew as being a freak, and, as she lives in Human Crew territory, is forced out of her home and abandoned in the graveyard, where she is found by Sam, and taken to Mary at the daycare. She is adopted by Nerezza and Orsay, and Nerezza makes her sing before Mary’s Big Jump so that Sam and the others are unable to put a stop to it. However, when Sanjit and the rest of the Brattle-Chances arrive in a helicopter her singing is drowned out by the noise, allowing Dekka and Brianna to rescue the Littles and Prees.


Jill, now living with several other kids and mostly forgotten about, chooses to go with Sam to Lake Tramonto at the Big Split.

Jill's ultimate fate is unknown. She might have died in the Lake Tramonto massacre or she might have escaped the FAYZ.


  • Her power was first noticed by her brother when she was singing the theme song of "The Fairly OddParents."
  • Jill is not referred to as "Jill" in Plague, just as the Siren.