Ladies and gentlemen...we have freshwater.

—Sam finding the lake

Lake Tramonto is a lake centered directly north of the FAYZ. It is believed that only approximately a quarter of it remains inside the FAYZ wall. In Plague, SamJack, and Dekka were sent by Albert to Lake Tramonto to discover what lay there and if it was an appropriate source of water. At the end of Plague, kids chose whether to stay in Perdido Beach with Caine as their king or go to Lake Tramonto with Sam. About one-third of the kids went with Sam.

During Fear, about a third of the FAYZ's population is living at Lake Tramonto in various boats. They are eating food from a garden grown by Sinder, fish from the lake and vegetables from a few fields. Edilio has been chosen as their mayor. The population grows as most of the refugees from Perdido Beach join the group at Lake Tramonto.

During Light, Gaia (the Gaiaphage) discovers Lake Tramonto on her journey to kill everyone in the FAYZ. Using Sam's light powers, she burns many of the boats and houseboats. Seventy residents die in the attack, including Dahra Baidoo, Justin and Jezzie. Other residents, such as Roger, go missing after the attack. 25 others are severely injured during the battle and are sent back to Clifftop Hotel to be healed by Lana.