Leslie-Ann is Albert's maid.


Leslie-Ann is a ten-year-old girl with no power, serving as a maid for Albert. She carries a large knife as a weapon and Albert describes her as slightly scared of him. Although cowardly, Leslie-Ann has shown herself to be resourceful.



She first appears doing jobs for Albert, such as cleaning out his "toilet". Later, when she turns up for work, she finds Albert slumped against the wall with a gunshot wound to the head. Leslie-Ann gathers up all the food she can find to feed her younger brothers, and sees Albert's remaining eye watching her. After this, she gathers water from Pete's cloud, and tells Howard that Albert is still alive. She stays in Perdido Beach with Caine.


As Leslie-Ann has saved his life, Albert takes her with him, Pug and Alicia when they flee to San Francisco de Sales Island. Leslie-Ann is apparently fine with leaving her younger brothers behind, and helps set up the missiles when she arrives.


When Quinn arrives, Leslie-Ann gives him crackers with peanut butter. Albert leaves her and Pug to guard the island when he returns to Perdido Beach. Taylor surprises Leslie-Ann when she bounces to the island, and she leaves Caine and Diana alone when they arrive. As she remains on the island, she is safe from Gaia's wrath, and survives the FAYZ.