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For the US book trailer, see Lies US trailer.
For the novel, see Lies.

Lies by Michael Grant is a book trailer advertising Lies, the third novel in Michael Grant's Gone series, distributed by Egmont. It was released on Egmont's Gone website and on YouTube August 23, 2010.

In the trailer, some words on the screen describe that Perdido Beach is now known as the FAYZ. Sam, with a Sammy Sun, finds Jill in the Town Plaza with duct tape over her mouth and "FREAK" written on her forehead. He hears a noise behind him and arms himself with his power. Nerezza whispers "Power" to Orsay as Orsay, in pain, touches the FAYZ Barrier so that she can see into the dreams of those outside the FAYZ wall. Nerezza's eyes briefly glow bright green. Brittney walks down a hallway, and her appearance alters between herself and Drake. Drake's tentacle is clearly visible on both appearances. Zil, carrying a Molotov cocktail, and two other members of the Human Crew proudly look upon the fire they had started.

The videoEdit

Lies by Michael Grant - Official US book trailer

Lies by Michael Grant - Official US book trailer