The "little fire-starter" is a girl that Sam Temple tries to save from a burning apartment building.


The little girl is described as having dark skin, chubby hands and pigtails held with pink scrunchies. She has the power of shooting liquid fire from her hands.



After the first poof, the little fire-starter panics and accidentally uses her power to start a fire in the apartment building she is in, although bystanders believed the oven had been left on. Sam Temple tries to save her but she panics and uses her power on him, which barely avoids killing him. In desperation, Sam accidentally uses his own power on her, which possibly killed her. When Sam tries to take her out of the building, he discovers that she is already dead. Edilio buries her in the graveyard.


  • She is the second youngest person to be a mutant, with the youngest being Little Pete.
  • She was the first death of the FAYZ.