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The Littles and Prees are the small children of the FAYZ. They are the ones too young to care for themselves. With the exceptions of Justin and Tanner Donegal, none of the littles or prees ever played a notable role in the Gone Series.

The prees lived in Barbara's Day Care and were under five. They were looked after by Mary Terrafino, John Terrafino, Francis, Manuella and Zadie, as well as several others. Once a pree turned five, they became a "little", and were looked after by a friend or a relative (for example, Justin was looked after by Roger), because they weren't old enough to look after themselves. While never specified, it seems that littles were younger than seven. However, the terms are often used interchangeably.

Known littles and preesEdit

Character First appearance Basic info
Alex Gone He is a pree that goes to the beach.
Alice Lies She is among the prees that Mary attempts to bring with her in the Big Jump.
Ashley Lies She is a young girl, about 4 years of age. She lives in the daycare, often bothering Mary. She, like many of the prees in Lies, was caught in the chain started by Mary to drag them off of a cliff by the Clifftop Hotel. She was saved by Dekka, who used her power to catch all of the prees.
Atria Fear She is a little and friend of Justin, living at Lake Tramonto. During the siege, she was sent onto a large boat with Diana, Justin, Roger and Orc.
Brady Hunger She is one of the prees that attempted to run away to find her mother.
Cassie Gone She is one of the prees.
Collin Hunger He is one of the prees looked after by Mary.
Harley Plague He and another little named Janice were left in care of two girls named Summer and BeeBee.
Isabella Gone She is briefly mentioned before Emma and Anna poof.
Jackson Gone He is one of the prees that is attacked by a coyote.
Janice Plague She was a little that, along with Harley, was looked after by Summer and BeeBee.
John Hunger John is a sick baby cared for by John Terrafino.
Julia Gone She is a pree seen with Zosia in the first book.
Justin Lies Justin is a little looked after by Roger. He appears in Lies, Fear and Light.
Mason Fear Mason is a little that goes to Lake Tramonto with Sanjit. He wears an Iron Man helmet until he is eaten by the coyotes.
Pedro Hunger Pedro is a pree briefly mentioned in Hunger.
Tanner Donegal Hunger Tanner is a pree and the younger brother of Brittney. He is eaten by a coyote during the events of Gone, and his death motivates Brittney to join Edilio's army. He appears as an "angel" in Lies and Plague as a trick by the gaiaphage to make Brittney do what it wants.
Zosia Gone She is a pree seen with Julia.