Dude, I’ll stab you with this stick

—Mallet threatens Sam

Mallet was a Coates student, described as being small, fast and wiry. He is not mentioned after his appearances in Gone.



Mallet ran away from Coates as he didn’t not get along with the other students, and when the adults disappeared he could finally make his escape. He is first seen when Orc’s Crew confronts Edilio, Quinn, Sam and Astrid on their way to find Little Pete at the Power Plant. He manages to break his mallet upon taking his first swing, and the head snaps off, damaging the golf cart. When the four attempt escape, he catches up to the golf cart, and threatens Sam, but he manages to take the broken stick off him, leaving Mallet defenceless. He takes on Quinn and Edilio single-handedly briefly, allowing Orc and Howard time to climb out of the truck they were in. When the Coates Kids arrive at Perdido Beach, Mallet attempts to hide from them but sides with them once more, as he is seen fixing a wall at Coates with Chaz, and is part of the distraction during the Thanksgiving Battle.


  • Mallet never told anyone his real name and so someone started calling him by his weapon of choice.
  • Somehow, Mallet successfully escaped several powerful mutants undetected in under an hour.

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