Minor locations are locations that only appear on the map or appear very briefly in a book.


Location Basic info Image
Apartment building The apartment building was burned down by the unnamed girl in the beginning of Gone. This started Sam's legacy as the fireman and as a prominent leader as he ran into the burning building to save the girl. He did, however, not not succeed. This is known as the first big event to happen in Perdido Beach after the first poof. The cause of the fire was the unnamed girl's mutation which let her release fire from her hands. This building was in the town square and is not mentioned after this event in the series.
Town plaza

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Bitterweed Valley Bitterweed Valley is a large desert located in the FAYZ. In the books, it is mentioned only once (and not directly). It was crossed by Lana after she fell from the Highway. Bitterweed valley
Crabclaw Island Crabclaw Island is an island north of San Francisco de Sales Island. The island has most likely gotten its name from its shape. It is never mentioned in any book except in the maps. Crabclaw island
Firehouse The firehouse is a two-story cinder-block style building; the ground floor was the garage with one fire engine and an ambulance. Above was the living area, a large room that encompassed a kitchen, an dining table, and a pair of couches. The firehouse was seen as a safe place for much of the time during the events in Gone, and was where a fatally injured Bette had crawled to after being hit by Orc.

After Coates Academy arrived in Perdido Beach, Sam was assigned Fire Chief. Sam, Edilio and Quinn (after a few days of finding the emergency supplies and learning how to use the fire hose), would use the fire house as a base of operations to respond to emergencies.

Edilio and then later Ellen took over. It is now abandoned.

Firehouse and McDonald's

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First Avenue First Avenue is street in Perdido Beach where many shops/buildings are located. In Lies, it is the border between the "freak" and "non-freak" zone. Town plaza
Grant Street Grant Street is a road in Perdido Beach, a place inside the FAYZ. This road is thought to be named after the Gone series author Michael Grant. Grant Street
Lake Evian Lake Evian ("Evian" most likely being a reference to the bottled water company) is the lake that AlberCo used for water before it started drying up and Pete's cloud was used instead, until water was able to be driven back from Lake Tramonto.
Ralph's Ralph's is a grocery store in the FAYZ where kids collect their daily rations when the hunger sets in. It has only one aisle with any food on, which consists of tinned foods that nobody likes. Out the back however, workers are chopping open Quinn's first caught fish. The place was also raided by Drake at one point. Ralph's
Sam Temple's house Sam Temple's house is the house where Sam lived before the FAYZ with his mother, Connie Temple. The house is one story tall, small and not homey. Sam hated the house, especially his room. He has always been afraid of the dark and his old room was always very dark. One time when he was alone home at night, it was so dark that Sam freaked out and created a ball of light, a Sammy Sun.

Sam's house played an important role in helping Caine figure out that he and Sam were twins, and also in figuring out that Sam had powers. Caine and other kids from Coates ransacked Sam's house and discovered the Sammy sun hiding in his closet as well as Sam's birth certificate.

Sam's house
Santa Elissa Island Santa Elissa Island does not appear in any books, other than on the map in the front of every book. The island is located next to San Francisco de Sales Island and Crabclaw Island. It is located close to the FAYZ barrier. Santa Elissa Island
Santa Katrina Hills Santa Katrina Hills appear only in Fear when Brianna Berenson runs through them looking for Drake. Santa Katrina Hills
Sherman Avenue Sherman Avenue is a ruined street on the west side of Perdido Beach. It was where the fire started by the Human Crew began. Sherman Avenue