Orc's Crew was a small gang made up of bullies formed before the FAYZ. It has been completely disbanded as all members have left. The members included:

  • Charles (known amongst the gang as Orc), the leader. He quit bullying when he became a Christian and is now dead.
  • Howard, the assistant to Orc. He was high ranking and is now dead.
  • Panda, who was always separate to the others. He joined Caine and is now dead.
  • Cookie, one of the thugs. He was the first alcoholic of the group and left them when he became devoted to Lana and Dahra. 
  • Mallet, who wasn't in the gang for more than two days. He ran from Caine and joined for protection. He somehow became part of the inner circle quickly. He left them and rejoined Caine.
  • Karl, a seventh grader.