Sam, there comes a time when the world no longer needs heroes. And then the true hero knows to walk away.

—Orsay to Sam

Orsay Pettijohn is a secondary character appearing in Hunger and Lies.


Orsay Pettijohn is a thirteen-year-old mutant female with the ability to walk through dreams. She has brown hair that is mostly pulled up into a ponytail. She is also described as fragile, shy, lonely and skinny. In Lies, she becomes a "prophetess" among the kids of Perdido Beach when she claims to see dreams of others on the outside of the FAYZ, with Nerezza guiding her, and loses her grip on sanity. In the end, Orsay is killed by Nerezza, who was actually the Gaiaphage in an avatar.

Power and abilitiesEdit

Orsay has the power to see people's dreams, effectively allowing her access to their subconscious thoughts, plans and doubts. She must also be asleep, but she seems to be able to fall asleep at will when someone is dreaming nearby. It is suggested that any dream she is in turns lucid, as Sam and Drake are both aware that they are dreaming when they see her, as she can be seen in dreams she is watching. She becomes addicted to seeing dreams.

When Orsay meets Nerezza, Orsay thinks she receives dreams of the parents on the other side of the barrier, however it is revealed that these dreams are fake visions implanted by the Gaiaphage, and Orsay is unknowingly leading her followers to their deaths.


Before the FAYZ

Orsay's father and mother had a divorce before the FAYZ appeared, because of Orsay's mother being a heroin addict. She was living with her father in the Stefano Rey National Forest. Her father was a Park Ranger. While living with her father, Orsay learned of her ability. She had seen into a man's dreams, and seen a red-haired woman. When the woman showed up the next day, she learned of her power.


When she snuck out of the forest, she saw into Drake Merwin's dreams, resulting into Drake capturing her and taking her to Caine. Drake wants her killed, because she saw his dreams, although Caine deems her useful, so Drake does not get his way. Caine then decides to use her to see into the mind of the Gaiaphage and see its dreams.


In Lies, Orsay follows Nerezza around and tells her to stop making her tell false prophecies, resulting in Nerezza strangling her.


  • She lived in the Stefano Rey National Park before the FAYZ.
  • In Pete's game, her avatar is a golden female with what seems to have sunbeams streaming out of its head.