"Panda" is a boy in the FAYZ who was part of Orc's crew, but then joins Caine at Coates Academy. He was a driver, a bully, and committed suicide before being eaten by the Coates kids.


Panda is a high-ranking member of Orc's crew who enjoys the distress and confusion. Described as tall, skinny, whiny and creepy, he got his nickname through the dark rings under his eyes, that resemble a panda's markings. Panda has been seen to bully those weaker than him, physically and verbally. He is a driver for Caine.


Before the FAYZ

Before the FAYZ, Panda was known to most as a mid-level bully who often hung out with Orc and enjoyed life’s confusion, and used his status to pick on kids. While Panda and Orc often hung out together they never really considered each other as friends, although Panda did get along well with the others in Orc's crew, particularly Howard Bassem.


Orc, Howard, Panda and Cookie try to take over Perdido Beach after the first poof. Howard sends Panda to work in Barbara's Day Care, but he is thrown out for threatening to beat up kids who disobey him. Because of this, he misses the encounter between Caine and Cookie, and so he becomes unquestionably loyal to Caine's side. He begins acting as a driver until his leg is broken by Andrew. He also takes part in the Thanksgiving battle.


Panda is starving, much like everyone else in Perdido Beach and at Coates Academy. He is part of the Battle for the nuclear power plant, acting as a driver.


Panda can't take the hunger any longer, so he pushes a car with no gas until it starts rolling, then he jumps in and drives over what is essentially a cliff. Caine retrieves his body and Bug cooks him. Caine then eats his leg and Diana eats part of his torso, with the others eating the rest.


An actual panda appears in one of Diana Ladris' nightmares, due to her regretting eating Panda.


  • Panda is one of the few kids to have animal nicknames. Bug is another.
  • He the only named person to be eaten by a human, except for Alex Mayle, who only had his arm eaten by Gaia Soren-Ladris. However, Gaia is not technically a human.
  • He was on the Coates side but was from Perdido Beach, and is the only recurring character to be so.
  • Michael Grant has revealed on Twitter that the Coates kids did not eat Panda's organs.[1]
  • Despite Panda being a very minor character, Grant liked him.[2]


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