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For the map of Perdido Beach, see Perdido Beach, California (map).
Welcome to Perdido Beach, where our motto is: "Radiation? What radiation?"

—Quinn to Edilio in Gone

Perdido Beach is a fictional town on the coast of south California. It is where most of the Gone books are centered. Thirteen years earlier in Perdido Beach's history, a meteorite hit the power plant and spilled radiation hundreds of feet into the ground. Astrid believes that the people of the power plant just paved over it, unaware of what they were doing. Since then, hard radiation had been seeping into the water and food of the people of Perdido Beach. It has been described as a sort of deserty beach, complete with cliffs over the beaches, cacti, the town center, and housing.


Little Pete Lies trailer

Perdido Beach as it appears in the US trailer for Lies

  • Perdido in Spanish and Portuguese means lost, so this name translates to 'Lost Beach', maybe referring to its disconnection from the outside of the FAYZ.
    • Michael Grant has stated that Gone was partially inspired by the TV show 'Lost' (aired on ABC), thus this is the origin of "Perdido."[1]
  • Coincidentally, Perdido Beach is a real place in the USA, although it is in Florida, not California.  
    • Perdido Beach is based off Pismo Beach, California.

Locations in Perdido BeachEdit

Monster trailer - Perdido Beach

The Perdido Beach sign as it appears in the trailer for Monster

The notable locations in Perdido Beach are:


  1. - Let me put it this way: there's a reason it's "Perdido Beach." In English that's "Lost Beach." It's a deliberate shout-out to the TV show. On