The mutations that enable powers are physical, but the power exists beyond their bodies as well. I can reach into that space and use those powers.

Gaia Soren-Ladris

All things are connected to me, stupid... Diana. My father's power exists because he mutated and formed a field with me. When he dies, one end of that field will fail. The power that stretches between us will fail. Eventually, though, I will cause others to mutate. It's my... my nature. It's what I am. What I may lose today, I can gain back later. Over time.

—Gaia about the Power

The Power refers to the supernatural abilities displayed by several of the teenage residents of Perdido Beach.

The Power manifests itself in several abilities that the teenagers handle in different ways. Using the Power slowly exhausts the user, but this is usually not even noticeable (with the exceptions of Enhanced Speed and Shockwave Projection). The most common exhibited so far is teleportation, shown by Taylor, Albert's Cat, an unnamed monkey outside the FAYZ, Little Pete and Emily, though each of their teleportation abilities are slightly different.

Kids gained powers by the combination of the radiation and the alien virus seeping into the water pipes, reacting with seemingly random DNA to create powers. The Power does not require the FAYZ Barrier to be up; over thirty mutants had developed their powers before the FAYZ.

Jack brought to the attention of the Coates kids that abilities seem focused through the hands (though this is not always the case; for example, Jill's power is focused through her tongue, however she is one of the very few exceptions). As a result of this observation, Caine had kids in Coates Academy he did not trust have their hands encased in plaster in order to stop them rebelling.

Although not shown below, it can be assumed that the Gaiaphage and creatures possessed in a similar way to Gaia Soren-Ladris, would have had access to all powers should the mutated individual be alive. During the FAYZ powers worked as a two-sided affair, requiring both the Gaiaphage and the person to be alive (or at least in state of animation for Drake Merwin). Should the Gaiaphage or person die the power is lost for both. An example of this happening is when Gaia kills Brianna Berenson and then attempts to use the power of enhanced speed,she finds herself unable to use it and then ultimately realizes quite how careful she must be to reach her goal.

In Light, Lana mentions to Astrid that each mutant has a different power. This isn't the case at the start of the series, as many kids (such as Sam and Bette or Bug and the unnamed Coates girl) are seen to have almost identical powers. Michael Grant has stated on Goodreads that it was a random process.[1]

Power levelsEdit

Diana invented a power level system that ranges from one to four bars. The higher the bar, the stronger the power. The idea of using bars is taken from the bars used to indicate signal strength on a mobile phone.

Off the Scale
Four Bars
Three Bars
Two Bars
One Bars
Unknown Levels

Exhibited PowersEdit

Power Bars Users Description
Telekinesis 4 Caine Soren
Little Pete
The ability to move objects with the mind, even extremely heavy ones. This ability has a maximum range of roughly eighty feet.
Teleportation 3 Pete Ellison
Albert's Cat
Unknown monkey
The ability to move from one place to the other without traveling the distance between. Taylor can teleport herself, her clothes, and small objects, and her range greatly increases from just a few meters to up to several miles. Little Pete can teleport several people much further.
Light Projection 4 Sam Temple
Unnamed Coates boy
Little Pete
The ability to shoot super-heated light capable of severely burning someone, or burning a hole through a material as inflamnble as brick. The light also seems concussive as well as heated. A lesser extent of this ability is creating Sammy Suns, balls of floating light. This ability is used by Sam at four bars, but Bette and an unnamed Coates boy can only create Sammy Suns and Little Pete can make light come from every direction at once, so it presumably has several different levels. It also has several colors; for Sam the light is green and white, but for Little Pete the light is blue and red and purple.
Fire-starting Unknown Unnamed fire-starter The ability to shoot liquid fire from one's hands.
Enhanced Speed 3 Brianna Berenson The ability to move at speeds not possible for a normal human with all parts of the body. The user cannot be harmed from doing this; for example, their knees will not snap if they run too fast. This tires the user quickly if they are not getting enough to eat.
Gravity Suspension 3 Dekka Talent The ability to suspend gravity in an area. This causes objects in the affected area to rise from the ground in a circular radius of ten feet.
Power Reading 2 Diana Ladris The ability to read the power level of other individuals who possess the power. It's described as being like a cell phone bar system.
Camouflage 2 Bug
Unnamed Coates girl
The ability to change color and 'blend in' with the background of an area, becoming quasi-invisible. However, the user can still be seen if the seer knows what they are looking for and where the user is.
Shockwave Projection 3 Andrew The ability to shoot sonic waves from one's hands capable of breaking through concrete and breaking the sound barrier, causing pain to people in the area. The ability rapidly tires the user.
Enhanced Strength 2 Jack
Unknown monkey
Enhanced strength gifts the user incredible strength in all parts of the body, allowing them to leap great distances, resist being choked and lift incredible weights.
Heat Projection Unknown Hunter Lefkowitz The ability to emit heatwaves from the user's hands. There does not seem to be a way to control the level of the heat, however. This does not work on the user.
Destiny Predication 2 Astrid Ellison (formerly) The ability to view how important someone will be in the future of the FAYZ. This is accessed by holding their hand, and the user sees their importance as a streak of light in the sky.
Dream Viewing 3 Orsay Pettijohn The ability to view a person's dreams, allowing access to their subconscious thoughts. The user is not hidden when doing this, however.
Immortality Unknown Brittney Donegal
Drake Merwin
The ability to stay alive so long as part of the body remains intact. The gaiaphage gifted Drake this ability, but Brittney naturally has it.
Healing Unknown Lana Arwen Lazar The ability to heal any injury besides fatigues such as hunger or exhaustion. This ability is slow, and when organs are regrown, something seems to go wrong, giving Drake his whip hand and Cigar eyes that can see across reality.
Density Alteration Unknown Duck Zhang The ability to control one's density, giving them the ability to float or sink through the ground. Inexperienced users find that this is controlled by their emotions.
Illusion Creation 3 Penny The ability to convince one's mind that something is happening when it really isn't. Even if the victim knows it is an illusion, they are unable to break free.
Reality Manipulation Unknown Little Pete The ability to alter reality, such as creating the FAYZ, altering DNA, and battling the Gaiaphage on another plane of reality.
Creation Unknown Little Pete
The Gaiaphage
The ability to bring creatures from one's mind into real-life, as Little Pete does in Hunger and as the Gaiaphage has done several times.
Siren Singing Unknown Jill The ability to effectively distract everyone nearby so they can't pay attention to anything but the user's singing, and this can be used to hypnotize people - if the user sings about suicide, the listeners will attempt suicide when the user stops singing for a short period of time.
Judgement 1 Virtue Brattle-Chance Sanjit mentioned that he thought Virtue had the power to judge a person's character, which Virtue demonstrated on Caine, Penny, Diana and Bug. This possibly extends to judging a situation, which Virtue is also seen to do.
Lie Detection Unknown Toto The ability to tell whether a person is lying or telling the truth, and to even be able to tell why they are lying and what they really mean.
Quantum Tunneling Unknown Darla The ability to walk through walls, and presumably other solid objects.
Age Acceleration Unknown Gaia Soren-Ladris Diana and Caine's child, Gaia, grew rapidly, both in the womb and after she was born. As the Gaiaphage had no control over the baby when she was in the womb, this may be the baby's own ability before the Gaiaphage possesses her.
Mimicry 5 Gaia Soren-Ladris
The Gaiaphage
Most likely due to the Gaiaphage being the cause for the powers, Gaia was able to use the power of any living human as long as she knew about them, as was the Gaiaphage.
Water Manipulation Unknown Cathy The ability to manipulate water.
Plant Growth Acceleration Unknown Sinder The ability to accelerate the growth of plants.
Glowing Unknown Unnamed boy The ability to glow.
Mind Control Unknown The Gaiaphage
Gaia Soren-Ladris
The ability to control another's mind. This can be used to read thoughts or give tremendous pain. However, this only works if the user has come into contact with the victim, which happens if the victim enters the user's "range". However, using this power is risky, as the victim can reverse it if they are mentally strong enough.
Regeneration Unknown Brittney Donegal
Drake Merwin
The gaiaphage used Lana's healing power to gift Brittney and Drake the ability of regeneration. This is much faster than healing and is also automatic.
Superhuman Agility Unknown Frederico Enhanced agility, giving the user the ability to leap long distances, flip, and hang from walls and ceilings with ease, as well as giving cat-like reflexes.
Space Warping Unknown Emily The ability to alter space. The user can use this to teleport anything, but they can also change the location and shape of other things, such as land. The extent of this ability is unknown.


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