Roscoe is a character appearing in Plague.



Roscoe is a boy working for Albert, responsible for collecting the food that Hunter brings for the Perdido Beach kids. After Hunter has killed his competitor "Old Lion", and is delivering its meat to Perdido Beach, Roscoe is bitten by one of the bugs in Hunter's shoulder. Most people thought nothing of it until Taylor spread the news of Hunter's horrible death and a worried Edilio had to take action.

Edilio placed Roscoe in a room in the town hall, telling him it was for his own protection, and Roscoe calmly accepted this. But later, as the bugs started emerging, Roscoe lost it and started screaming for help and to be let out, but the only response was from a terribly saddened Edilio who locked the door and boarded up the windows. Roscoe was the only living victim of the bugs and Edilio was quarantined to make sure nobody else got it.

Later, Roscoe was noted dead inside the room as the bugs had eaten him and, despite Edilio's efforts, had escaped the room.

Notes Edit

The color of the eyes of the Gut-Roaches that infested Roscoe was blue.