The light was small, but piercing. And it hovered there, unmoving, unattached to anything, no strings. Not a lamp or a lightbulb, just a tiny ball of pure light. It was impossible. It was something that could not exist. And yet there it was. The light that had simply appeared when Sam had needed it.


Sam Lies UK trailer

Sam creating a Sammy Sun

A Sammy Sun is an orb of light created by Sam. Unlike his offensive blasts of light, these float in the air. Sam often uses them as a light source.

The first manifestation of a Sammy Sun was two days before the FAYZ, during a power outage caused by a lightning storm. As Sam's powers continue to develop, he is able to create Sammy Suns at will. In Lies, he gives them to other kids of the FAYZ to use as lights due to the nuclear power plant shut down in Hunger. Zil prohibited his Human Crew from using them and many other normals complied. During this period, freaks did not use Sammy Suns either, as it marked them as freaks, for fear of bringing the Human Crew to their doorsteps.

The name Sammy Sun was coined by Howard.