Sinder is an oddball-goth girl with a green thumb power. Sinder describes herself as wearing all black, black nail polish, and her originally brown hair is said to be dyed black. Her favorite color is green due to her love of plants and growth. 



She is introduced in Lies when she warns Sam about Orsay, and claims she is contacting parents from outside the FAYZ wall. Sinder enjoys growing plants, and has a green thumb power. This power involves forcing plants to grow faster. She has a fairly romantic life with lots of boys, according to her online journal. She also calls herself a goth.


In Fear, she and Jezzie  play a much more important role as they successfully grow a vegetable garden next to Lake Tramonto, with help from her green-thumb power. Orc becomes the garden’s bodyguard. When the FAYZ begins to go dark they dig up all the remaining vegetables in tears, as she and Jezzie had come to love working in the garden.


In Light, Sinder entrusts Jezzie with her garden, not knowing that Jezzie would die in Gaia's invasion of Lake Tramonto. Afterwards, stricken with grief she camps out in front of the barrier with a multitude of other kids. After she loses Jezzie, she goes to the barrier and she sees a women with a screen asking if she needs to see someone she loves. Not much is said about what happens. She was one of the 196 children to survive the FAYZ.