Stefano Rey National Park is located in the north-west of the FAYZ. It covers only a small area of land, with most of it cut off by the FAYZ wall. It consists mostly of forest, and is cut through by the highway.


The National Park plays only a small part in the series. One of its only appearances is in Gone, when it is visited by Sam, Astrid, Quinn, Edilio and Little Pete when they are running away from Caine.

The Park is mentioned again in Hunger, when Orsay tells the group that she saw them in the forest there and looked into their dreams. She also reveals that she lived in the Park for a while with her father, and that was where she had first learned of her power.

In Fear, Astrid is living near the FAYZ barrier in the park. She has set up tents and a campsite, and mostly lives off the land.

Its final appearance is in Light, when Gaia escapes into the park from the Lake Tramonto Massacre, after being seriously injured by Brianna. To provide a distraction, Gaia uses Sam's light to set fire to the forest, dried from a year without rain, which spreads all the way down to Perdido Beach.

Notes Edit

The name Stefano Rey is Spanish for Stephen King, Michael Grant's "literary hero". [1]


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