The Human Crew rampage is a battle that takes place in Lies, when the Human Crew were convinced by Nerezza to destroy the Town Council once and for all.

Before the battleEdit

Nerezza approaches the Human Crew during the confusion when Drake is seen in the plaza. She tells them it will be their time to stand out and make themselves seen.

During the battleEdit

Zil, Lance, Turk and several others start shooting, stabbing or wounding any freaks or people allied with freaks that they can find. However, they soon stop paying attention to who they target and work their way up the hill to Clifftop, killing everyone in their way. With Sam and Brianna missing and Edilio chasing Drake as he tortures and strangles and shoots the kids along the beach, there is no one capable of stopping them except for Dekka.

The Human Crew shoot at Dekka, who decides to focus on Zil as if he dies, the others will run. She cancels gravity in front of her, creating a wall of debris, and runs through. She collides with Zil and they float into the air, and the Human Crew's bullets prove to be ineffective with no gravity. Eventually, Dekka manages to get Zil out of her power's radius, and he falls to his death. The Human Crew run.

With Edilio defeated, Drake makes his way up the hill as well, but Sam and Brianna arrive. Sam realizes that he has to burn every part of Drake or he will be able to regenerate. Nerezza forces Jill to start singing, stopping everyone, but Sanjit's helicopter flies overhead at that moment, stopping her from singing. Sam slowly starts burning Drake after destroying Nerezza, but he turns into Brittney, and Sam doesn't have the heart to kill her.

Meanwhile, Mary and the prees are preparing to jump, believing that Mary's poof will allow them to leave the FAYZ. John and Justin both try to stop them, but the prees trust Mary most. Mary jumps, dragging them with her, but Brianna knocks Justin at the front of the chain away and Dekka saves the rest. Mary poofs an instant before hitting the rocks.

After the battleEdit

The Human Crew partially disbands due to the death of their leader, Zil. The Drake/ Brittney is kept in Howard and Orc’s basement.