Well...that was a blaze of glory.

—Diana witnessing the battle

The battle between Gaia and Nemesis is the fight between the Gaiaphage (in Gaia's body) and Little Pete (in Caine's body). It marks the end of the FAYZ.

Before the battleEdit

A wounded Gaia turns up at the FAYZ Barrier, which adults think is hilarious until she starts killing them with Sam's burning light (as light can pass through transparent objects). Connie Temple escapes but Heather Darby, who is looking for her daughter, is not so lucky. Before she kills everyone, however, Orc charges down the hill and slams into Gaia with the force of a truck. A brief fight ensues and Gaia gains the upper hand, burning two holes clean through Orc's body. However, Caine levitates into the air and fires a missile at Gaia. It hits Orc instead and blows him apart, and a nonchalant Caine shrugs and allows Little Pete to possess him, killing Caine in the process.

During the battleEdit

Gaia uses Caine's telekinesis (which has apparently remained with Caine's body) to levitate into the air, whereas Little Pete does it by himself. She demands to know why he is fighting back and he replies that she hit him, which is not okay. Gaia proceeds to use Sam's light to try and burn him, and Nemesis uses light of his own, which comes from every direction at once. They keep firing as their bodies burn, until they both collapse into piles of ash. The powers vanish, as does the FAYZ Barrier.

After the battleEdit

Sam is reunited with Astrid, but he sees that Drake attempted to kill her and goes after him. Astrid tries to follow but Edilio drags her away, and Lana appears from the smoke and gives Sam her gun, stating that she's done with it. Sam searches for Drake but is caught by surprise as the whip hand strikes him across the back. He tries to shoot light from his hands but nothing happens, and Drake prepares to deliver the finishing blow when his whip falls off and shrivels up. His head splits from Alex Mayle's body, and Drake manages to gasp that he will find Astrid and make her death last for days before Sam throws his head into the fire, seemingly killing him.


  • This is the only battle in which all of the participants are killed, however the Gaiaphage is not destroyed, but it does lose its conciousness.
  • This is the last battle of the original series.