The bug battle was one of the largest battles within the FAYZ. The main battle happened on the outskirts of Perdido Beach, although skirmishes took places at Lake Tramonto and Coates Academy.

Before the battleEdit

Caine returns to Perdido beach from San Francisco de Sales Island to battle the bugs and become king of the FAYZ. Sam, Jack, and Dekka were all missing, so the only available fighters were Caine and Brianna.

During the battleEdit

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After the battleEdit

After the battle, Caine and Sam meet at the town plaza and split up, with the kids following Sam going to the lake, and the kids on Caine's side staying at Perdido beach. The majority of the kids follow Caine, due to his recent success with the bugs, and about 80 kids (about 1/3 of the population of the FAYZ) follow Sam.