The battle of the mineshaft takes place at the end of Hunger. It is the third large battle to occur in the FAYZ


The battle began when Caine, Drake, Diana, Jack and two gunmen arrives at the mineshaft. They find a dying Edilio, who has been shot by Lana, who in turn has been possessed by the Gaiaphage. Dekka has been overwhelmed by the coyotes and is almost dead. Drake tells the coyotes he is on their side, but Jack, disgusted, kills two coyotes and causes the rest to flee, saving Edilio and Dekka. The coyotes are implied to later eat the gunmen.

With the uranium rods he had newly acquired from the the nuclear power plant battle, Caine was intending to feed to Gaiaphage's ever growing hunger. After having carried the rod through the desert using telekinesis, Drake turns on Diana, nearly killing her. Caine is forced to drop the uranium rod, and a battle between Caine and Drake subsequently ensues.

Caine disarms Drake, but Drake is too quick and too far out of the reach of Caine's telekinesis. Drake having lost his gun, only has his whip hand as a weapon, so the two result to running at each other. They are, however, stopped by Jack who throws them apart in order to check on the radiation rod, which was still intact. Caine lifts a stunned Drake, the radiation rod and some rocks, and throws them all into the mineshaft using telekinesis. He then manages to defy the Gaiaphage, and collapses the entrance to the mineshaft, killing Drake.

Sam and his side arrives, but Brianna, suffering from radiation, collapses after attacking Caine. Quinn convinces Duck to drill down to the Gaiaphage, and Sam, Caine and Duck tries to stop it. However, Sam and Caine's abilities are ineffectual, as the Gaiaphage (who is controlling Lana) had been able to prepare itself. The Gaiaphage did not yet know of Duck's power. Caine throws Duck at the Gaiaphage and Duck hits it with the force of a small mountain, weakening it greatly and sending it down to the bottom of the dome, this kills Duck.

Lana, no longer being controlled by the Gaiaphage, is then able to heal Sam, Diana, Edilio, Dekka and Brianna. Caine and Diana goes back to Coates and the others return to Perdido Beach. The Gaiaphage, believed to be dead by everyone, is still alive and feeding off the radiation, further below the surface than ever before.