Jennifer Boyles, Jennifer L. and Jennifer H., collectively known as Three Jennifers, were three girls who lived together in a house in Perdido Beach.


Jennifer H. was a blonde who lived in Perdido Beach before the FAYZ, and was home-schooled. Jennifer B. was a redhead who attended Coates, but moved to Perdido Beach after the FAYZ started. Jennifer L. had black dreadlocks, and was the only one that went to regular school in Perdido Beach before the FAYZ. Two of the Jennifers were twelve and one was thirteen. They had a house on the cul-de-sac near the center of town.

In Plague, Jennifer B. awakes to the sound of Jennifer H. coughing up her lungs. When the other two go in to her room, she is being pushed by the force of her cough, which then breaks her neck and she dies, making her the first to die from the disease. Jennifer L. goes back to her room, and it's unknown what happened to her afterwards. Jennifer B. drags herself to the hospital, where she tells Dahra and Lana how Jennifer H. had coughed herself to death. The two girls don't believe her, until later when Dahra witnesses a boy named Pookie cough up his lungs.