Town plaza

The town plaza is in the center of Perdido Beach. It is considered to be one of the most important places in the FAYZ. When the FAYZ started most kids headed there, under Sam's instruction, like a meeting place whenever a large group is needed they meet at the town plaza. The big battle between Coates and Perdido Beach took place here, this not being the only battle; Hunter was going to be hanged here and Zil started his riot here. It has also been the place of good things though. This was where the Thanksgiving Dinner took place. It has also become the graveyard, with all of kids who have died in the FAYZ being buried here. It is surrounded by some other important buildings. McDonald's for one, as well as the daycare, hardware shop, town hall and the church. It also had an apartment building, but that burned down at the start of Gone.