I'm going to refuse to do puberty. It makes you weird.

—Virtue after seeing Sanjit flirt with Lana

Virtue "Choo" Brattle-Chance is the second oldest of the Brattle-Chance adoptive siblings, and the only one other than Sanjit to have a significant role.


Virtue is a short, chubby twelve-year-old African boy. He is depressed, pessimistic, serious, grumpy and unused to change. However he has also shown to be kind and helpful.

Power and abilitiesEdit

Virtue is a one bar. His power, Judgement, is not exactly fully known. He can detect the inner nature of people, but it is unknown if that is the extent of Judgement, as he has been seen to predict various bad events throughout the series, although this may be due to his pessimism.


Before the FAYZ

Virtue was born in Congo. When he was four, his village was attacked. His mother hid him in the bush and told him not to look, but Virtue looked anyway. He saw horrific things that he refuses to describe to Sanjit, saying "I don't want the words to come out of my mouth".

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Virtue is helping Dahra as a nurse in the hospital.  When the bugs invade the hospital, he hides in a corner.  After the bugs vanish, he takes Dahra to the church and prays for her.


Virtue and his adoptive siblings have moved into Clifftop Hotel. When he and Sanjit go outside to get some exercise, they find Taylor in her new mutated state.


When the FAYZ ends, Virtue and his adoptive siblings are taken back into the care of Jennifer Brattle and Todd Chance.


  • Virtue thinks that romance is "weird", but it is implied he has a crush on Dahra Baidoo.
  • Cigar describes Virtue's spirit as looking like a "sleeping gorilla".


"I felt it when my penis fell off but it hardly hurt at all." – Virtue and Sanjit pretending to be lepers

"I know it's good for me. That doesn't mean I have to enjoy it." – Virtue gets some exercise

"Anyway, Virtue is almost as much use around here as you are." – Dahra
"Almost?!" – Virtue